The idea of the horizon refers to the endeavor of expanding the frontier of a territory, while at the same time defining the space of “the other”. We start the tour with a journey through the pillars underneath an architecture of gateways, considering how this architecture extends into the radars and drones patrolling Europe’s external borders. Colliding with Fortress Europe, we discover how military equipment outlines the European horizon as well as its logistics.

01 - Centraal Station,. Completed in 2015 and designed by Benthem Crouwel Architects Location: Kiningin Julianaplein - benthemcrowel. com (source)

02 - Europol by Quinst Wintermans Architects, completed in 2011. Location: Eisenawerlaan 73 - credits: Jannes Linders, courtesy of Stroom Den Haag